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At Blush Decor & Party Co, we believe balloons are essential for a fabulous party! However, our commitment to the environment is even stronger. To enjoy balloons responsibly, please adhere to our guidelines.

Sustainable Latex Balloons

Our latex balloons aren't plastic; they're organic and derived from natural rubber from rubber tree plantations. We only source top-quality latex balloons from trusted manufacturers. These balloons are 100% biodegradable, breaking down at a rate similar to an oak leaf. Post-celebration, please deflate, cut into small pieces, and bag them before disposing of them in the trash.

Eco-Friendly Foil Balloons

Our foil (also known as mylar) balloons are made from a recyclable and reusable plastic/nylon material. They are not biodegradable, so we encourage reusing them. Deflate using a straw and store them flat. Ready for a repeat? Just re-inflate! Finished with them? Please recycle with plastics.

Revive Your Foil Balloons

Notice your foil balloons looking a little down? Just top them up with helium to bring them back to life!

No Balloon Releases, Please!

Blush Decor & Party Co strongly opposes balloon releases. Released balloons can litter our environment and pose risks to wildlife. All our balloons come with weights to prevent accidental releases.

Balloon Safety and Handling

Choking Hazard: For children under 8, supervision is required. While intact balloons are safe, popped balloon pieces are hazardous. Dispose of burst balloons immediately to avoid choking risks.

Helium Safety

Helium is safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable, causing no ecological harm. Use it safely indoors or outdoors. Warning: Never inhale helium; it is an asphyxiant and can be fatal.

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